Data HealthCheck from Intervera

An automated quality control package offers a rules repository for well and seismic data.

Calgary-based Intervera has announced a milestone for its DataVera data management package. DataVera HealthCheck, an automated data quality solution, has been tested on 370,000 wells and over 1 million seismic lines since its availability last year. HealthCheck leverages a dynamic rules repository that currently includes 5,000 rules for seismic metadata and 8,000 rules for well drilling and completions data.


Intervera president Paul Gregory said, ‘Companies understand the risks of poor data quality in an environment of zero tolerance for operating and reporting error. Intervera has a significant role to play in overcoming critical data problems.‘


HealthCheck is a technology and platform independent solution that improves data quality from any combination of in-house or third party data sources. HealthCheck is used by Devon Energy, Husky and Occidental. Earlier this year, EnCana Corp. engaged Intervera for strategic IT consulting services.

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