Peloton rolls-out WellView 8.0

New functions include data audit, multi-well reporting and upgraded well test coverage.

Peloton has just announced a new version of WellView, its well information management system for planning, drilling, completion, testing and workover operations. WellView 8 introduces new real-time oriented functionality and includes a Data Auditor which applies rule-based quality control to data to ensure that key data is correctly captured and ‘realistic’ values are recorded. Data audits can be performed on multiple wells and typographical errors avoided through a customizable spell check.


A multi-well reporting tool creates ad hoc reports from any data in the database and operational planning now includes planned vs. actual analysis of estimated costs and times by phase. The WellView database has been upgraded to store all of the major reservoir tests and production data and now covers testing, volumes, equipment settings, annular fluids and artificial lift equipment. Standard reports are included for tasks, geology, material transfer, safety, and production subject areas with graphical cost summaries included in the reports.

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