Petris, MetaCarta team on GIS/text search

GeoDrive GIS and text search will be integrated with Petris Winds Enterprise data browser.

MetaCarta and Petris Technology, have signed a marketing agreement in which MetaCarta’s GeoDrive technology will be integrated with the Petris Winds Enterprise platform. GeoDrive is a search engine that enhances traditional text and file search by adding geographic search technology (see Oil ITJ Vol 9 N° 5).


MetaCarta VP Mike Odell said, ‘The challenge for oil and gas workers is to locate relevant information in a growing volume of unstructured documents from a variety of often un-indexed sources. GeoDrive bridges the gap between GIS and text search, allowing unstructured data to be geographically indexed.’


Petris CTO Jeff Pferd added, ‘Companies rely on unstructured text documents to make most decisions. Adding geographic identifiers to unstructured data results in a comprehensive, location-specific data collection that can be combined with existing structured data. The combination of MetaCarta GeoDrive and Petris Winds Enterprise will allow all information to be available at the right time and place, to enable better and faster business decisions.’ For more on Petris Winds see our interview with Pferd on page 3 of this issue.

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