Ikon teams with TEEC on fault detection

TEEC releases new processing workflow and extends automated fault detection methodology.

Ikon Science Ltd and TEEC are to join forces to develop automated fault detection software. The first product of the collaboration is the incorporation of TEEC’s patented high resolution heterogeneity algorithms into Ikon’s FaultX automatic fault detection software.

Millwood Hargrave

Ikon MD Martyn Millwood Hargrave said, ‘We are pleased to form this new relationship, combining TEEC’s patented leading algorithms with FaultX’s robust workflow and connectivity to existing interpretation and modeling platforms. Our customers and the industry will receive an optimum fault picking solution for the modern seismic interpreter and geological modeller’.


Henning Trappe, TEEC MD added, ‘This development is seen as a response to the demand for a new generation of software tools also known as ‘data driven’ analysis tools. This new direction of software development is complemented by TEECware’s neuroTEEC for automatic seismic facies classification and their CRS programme suite for macro model independent seismic processing’.

CRS workflow enhanced

In a separate announcement, TEEC revealed enhancements to its Common Reflection Surface (CRS) seismic processing workflow. CRS provides high resolution images of complex structures by compensating for reflector dip and curvature. According to TEEC, CRS improves signal-to-noise ratio over conventional NMO/DMO or Pre-stack migration.


TEEC was recently awarded a processing contract by Maersk Oil Qatar and Qatar Petroleum for 6,000 km of 2D and 2,200 sq. km. of 3D seismic data offshore Qatar. TEEC’s CRS technology was selected for these surveys following extensive testing. TEEC’s CRS-AVO technology will be applied to the whole dataset in order to improve the resolution and reliability of AVO anomalies.

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