Landmark builds WebApps infrastructure

Exprodat has sold its Project Administrator application to Landmark Graphics.

Landmark Graphics has acquired Exprodat Technology’s Project Administrator (PA) application, one of three Exprodat-developed web-based data management tools for E&P project databases and supporting infrastructure.


Exprodat director Bruce Rodney described PA as ‘the third leg of the stool’ which includes WOW (data browser and documenter), Corporate Data Archiver (project reporting and archival) and now Project Administrator (environment analyzer and manager).

Project environment

PA focuses specifically on the project environment. The product delivers an easier-to-manage project environment where problems are anticipated and resolved proactively, rather than reactively. The result is decreased downtime and increased productivity.


PA is marketed as part of Landmark’s WebApps technology framework, including WOW, Corporate Data Archiver, Project Administrator, WOW for Paradigm’s Geolog and WOW for Schlumberger’s GeoFrame. PA also includes a generic file management module for analyzing disk usage across the entire file system, including both UNIX and Windows drives.

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