Petrobras choses DrillWorks Expert Suite

Knowledge Systems announces Drillworks 2005—and major sale to Brazilian state oil co.

Brazilian state oil company Petrobras has licensed Knowledge Systems’ (KS) Drillworks Expert Suite for geopressure analysis of its exploration wells worldwide. Petrobras has been using KS’ tools for three years. The new Drillworks Expert solution offers geopressure analysis, 3D visualization, seismic velocity correction, seal integrity, compartment and wellbore stability analysis.


Petrobras drilling advisor Luiz Rocha said, ‘We use Expert’s Drillworks Basin technology to bring together seismic, drilling, and geologic data and predict geopressures at the basin scale. This allows us to focus us on multiple target locations in the field, develop more accurate predictions, and improve our well construction.’

Drillworks 2005

KS also announced ‘Drillworks 2005’ an improved version of it geopressure toolkit which adds ‘Pressbase,’ a geopressure database, and a new leak-off test analyzer. The ‘knowledge-based real time solution’ also gives operators a 1,000 foot ‘look ahead’ of the bit during drilling to monitor and react to geopressure and stress changes.

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