CGG outsources tape services to Ovation

CGG is quitting the (tough) transcription business: Ovation and its DPTS unit to carry the torch.

CGG, once a major player in the tape transcription business, has thrown in the towel and will outsource future transcription and tape management services to Ovation Data Services. CGG has awarded Ovation (and its DPTS unit) a three-year, renewable contract for tape transcription services and systems, tape asset and management services, tape recovery services, scanning and digitizing software, and programming services for digital media applications.


Ovation president, Greg Servos, said, ‘We are proud that CGG has chosen us as their preferred provider for these services. We are confident that as CGG’s preferred provider we will be able to continue to meet and exceed their expectations in providing these services.’


Derick Deaton, Executive Vice President of CGG Americas added, ‘CGG’s strategy is to provide added value to our customers and to improve operational effectiveness Ovation will be a great asset for both of those objectives.’ Ovation’s services will now be available through CGG’s 32 branches and subsidiaries worldwide.

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