OSIsoft’s ‘next generation’ RT platform

New releases of PI System real-time software leverage Microsoft’s .NET infrastructure.

Real-time Performance Management (RtPM) specialist OSIsoft, Inc., has just announced key enhancements to its PI-ACE (Advanced Computing Engine) and PI System. OSI Soft also announced the availability of RtAlerts, an online event monitoring and alert management system that proactively notifies users about important events and condition changes in their plant or process.


OSIsoft VP marketing, Michael Saucier said, ‘Every feature of our RtPM Platform is designed to meet the needs of today’s agile enterprise. We have worked closely with our customers to create and enhance products that are tightly integrated with industry needs so that customers can easily access and analyze real-time information.’

PI System

OSIsoft’s PI System powers the RtPM platform, which provides ‘event-driven management of the business decision cycle’. The next generation of PI includes several patches and adds new performance enhancements. Customers that have moderately to heavily loaded PI Systems will experience a nearly two-fold performance increase in retrieving and storing data, enabling more users to get the data they need even under heavy load.


Microsoft process industry guru Chris Colyer commented, ‘Companies seeking to improve operational efficiencies are turning to vendor solutions that allow them to access information over the internet. OSIsoft acknowledges this trend and has developed its Real-time Performance Management solutions using Microsoft .NET technology—enabling customers to significantly improve communication and collaboration.’

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