IHS Energy unveils iNodes sensors

Self-contained wireless devices promise ‘affordable automation’ of brownfield operations.

IHS Energy has just released a range of self-contained wireless devices for oilfield data collection. iNodes brings ‘affordable automation’ to mature onshore fields and ‘streamlines’ ongoing automation projects for a broad range of oilfield assets.


IHS Energy VP Doug Boone said, ‘With iNodes, the benefits of wireless automation are now within reach for the vast majority of onshore fields where trenching has been such a formidable economic obstacle. Operators will find these smart sensors to be significantly less expensive in terms of hardware, maintenance and installation.’ According to Boone, the ‘exorbitant’ outlay associated with field automation can outweigh the benefit of gathering real-time production data from lower-producing assets.

Solar panel

iNode devices are powered by an integrated solar panel and communicate through bi-directional radio or satellite. iNodes products include pressure monitors, flow meters and tank level gauges. Communications leverage the Modbus Gateway which allows a remote terminal unit (RTU) or existing radio infrastructure to retrieve data from any iNodes sensor. According to Boone, the economics of automation now make sense for wells with production as low as 5 BOE/day, based on increased production, greater operational efficiencies, less downtime, better revenue protection and reduced environmental and health/safety risks.

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