RiskFrame—HCA for gas piplelines

GeoFields now offers OPS-compliant high consequence spill analysis for gas transmission operations.

Pipleline software specialist GeoFields has released a new tool for High Consequence Area (HCA) analysis of gas pipelines. RiskFrame HCA calculates potential impact zones (PIZ) according to the US Office of Pipleline Safety (OPS) categories. RiskFrame HCA then analyzes the potential impact on identified sites. According to OPS rules, gas pipeline operators must identify high consequence and risk areas as part of a comprehensive integrity management plan.


GeoFields president Brad Schaaf said, ‘By combining our technology leadership in liquid HCA analysis and experience with major gas transmission operators, we developed RiskFrame HCA Analyst to meet the unique requirements of gas transmission rules.’


RiskFrame HCA runs atop PODS, APDM and client-specific pipeline data models, provides geo-processing capabilities leveraging ESRI’s ArcGIS 9.0 Engine. The tool can operate as a stand-alone product or as part of an enterprise data management solution.

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