CyrusOne supports Schlumberger infrastructure

Schlumberger Information Solutions outsources data center to Houston specialist.

Schlumberger Information Solutions (SIS) and Houston-based ‘full service’ data center CyrusOne have signed an agreement to provide outsourced IT infrastructure services to the N. American oil and gas industry. The deal extends SIS’ petrotechnical computing infrastructure solutions into a ‘Tier 1 data center space,’ the highest level of security, power, connectivity and monitoring. The agreement includes managed computing services backed by a ‘100 percent availability and security guarantee.’


Dan Domeracki, SIS’ North America business manager said, ‘Providing managed computing infrastructure services optimized for petrotechnical computing is just one example of how SIS is helping our customers meet industry challenges. As the demand for secure, reliable and flexible computing increases, our partnership with CyrusOne positions SIS to provide more flexible, cost-effective secure computing solutions.’


CyrusOne VP Blake McLane added, ‘The partnership with SIS is a natural fit for our industry practice. Combining the depth and breadth of services offered by both organizations, addresses the ever changing and demanding technology requirements of the oil and gas industry. We are confident that the complementary offerings from SIS and CyrusOne will allow our clients to focus on and improve their core operational processes.’

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