DecisionXpress—the end of quick look?

New software from Schlumberger takes high-end petrophysical analysis to the well site.

As many explorationists have found, interpreting log data at the well site involves costly, mission-critical decision making before coring and sampling operations, casing, sidetracking, and completion. Schlumberger’s new DecisionXpress rigsite petrophysical evaluation system should help operators by providing an integrated, quality-controlled petrophysical interpretation immediately after completion of logging operations.

Platform Express

DecisionXpress integrates data from Platform Express and Elemental Capture Spectroscopy (ECS) services to deliver what is claimed as a ‘robust’ petrophysical evaluation at the wellsite.

Deepwater tests

In tests, the new system successfully identified significant hydrocarbon zones that were previously misinterpreted as water-bearing intervals from conventional quick look log analysis. The built-in petrophysical evaluation quality control highlighted the correct formation water salinity values necessary for accurate resistivity-based water saturation calculations. Porosity, permeability and water saturation results were later validated by core analyses.

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