eLynx data plugs into Petris database

Houston Exploration integrates operational data with technology from eLynx and Petris.

As reported in Oil IT Journal (Vol. 8 N° 6) Houston Exploration Company (HEC) is using wireless SCADA technology from eLynx to connect around 500 South Texas wells to the internet. Now, a new deal between eLynx and Petris will integrate the real-time data feeds into a web-enabled database.

Data integration engine

The software companies have developed what is described as a ‘robust data integration engine’ to connect their services. Operational data collected by eLynx’s well monitoring services is served to the HEC engineers through Petris’ web-based data analysis interface. The integration engine periodically normalizes the data and transmits it to the Petris database where it can be combined with other data including well bore information, well logs, geological maps and well histories to provide the engineer with a single point of analysis.

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