Michael Dell visits CGG Houston

Michael Dell presents award for research excellence to CGG for work on cluster-based HPC.

Dell Chairman and CEO Michael Dell presented CGG chairman and CEO Robert Brunck with the prestigious ‘Dell Center for Research Excellence’ award earlier this month. The ceremony was held in CGG’s Houston data processing center.


CGG is the first corporate organization to receive the Dell award which acknowledges CGG’s innovative use of high-performance computing cluster (HPCC) technology in the field of seismic imaging for oil and gas exploration and production. Dell said, “CGG is a pioneer in its field and has demonstrated that the strategic use of standardized supercomputing can deliver cost and performance benefits for commercial applications. CGG has proved that standards-based systems are scalable, powerful and the best technology investment in the long-term to provide leading-edge service and maintain competitive advantage.”

3,000 node

CGG deploys a 3,000-node Dell PowerEdge cluster in its US headquarters in Houston with another 512-node cluster in Foxboro, UK. Worldwide, CGG claims over 30 Teraflops compute capacity.


Robert Brunck added, “The geophysical industry has consistently been at the forefront of efforts to push back the limits of computing capacity and it therefore gives me considerable personal pleasure to see our industry being recognized and to see CGG being rewarded as a computer pioneer in this way.”

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