IndX XHQ for NAM’s contract dashboard

NAM manages volatile contracts with a customized operations intelligence solution from IndX.

Shell/Exxon joint venture Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij (NAM) has chosen IndX Software Corp’s XHQ real time operations intelligence application as the basis of a customized solution for gas contract management. Work on the contract management dashboard began in January 2003. The joint NAM/IndX development displays current, past and future (plan) data for each contract.


NAM selected the IndX solution after extensive evaluation because of its ability to integrate information from databases and data warehouses with real-time process data. XHQ solutions render volatile business and operations data aggregated from multiple disparate sources as highly informative graphics to thousands of users throughout these businesses.


Leigh Hunt, IndX director of operations, EMEA said, “Despite the fact that this wasn’t a typical plant application, IndX was able to configure XHQ to meet NAM’s requirements. We delivered a real-time contract management solution that makes it easy for NAM’s users to comprehend events that affect their ability to fulfill gas contracts, and to take actions that maintain revenue and avoid contractual penalties. NAM implemented the conrtact management system in response to the challenges of a deregulated gas market. Increased commercial complexity required a real-time contract management capability.

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