Stellent Content Management for BP Oil

Stellent software offers BP Oil ‘drag and drop’ intranet content management.

BP Oil has deployed Stellent’s Content Management System (CMS) to support its Integrated Supply and Trading (IST) unit. The IST’s 2,000 employees are tasked with the trading, shipping and supply of BP’s energy business around the world. The new intranet project will communicate the department’s business strategy to internal audiences and provide the information and tools needed to meet corporate goals.


BP Oil’s Federico Malatesta said, “The CMS will maximize the effectiveness of team skills by enabling business users to publish their own content, allowing technical staff to focus on site infrastructure. Stellent lets us standardize our content templates to maintain consistent design control and branding across the department, while leaving the business user substantial flexibility in publishing content. This empowerment reduces web site development and maintenance costs and improves the frequency of information updates on the intranet.”


Stellent EAME VP Bryan Richter added, “BP Oil has created a powerful tool that can drive the performance of a major division. This implementation is an excellent example of how Stellent’s solutions are providing real value quickly by allowing users to easily publish content themselves, freeing up technical staff to focus on higher-value initiatives.”

Drag and drop

Stellent’s WebDAV functionality lets users drag and drop files into the CMS. Content can be submitted via familiar interfaces such as Microsoft Word and Excel, encouraging take-up. Stellent CMS provides a unified product architecture for web content management, document management, collaboration, records and digital asset management.

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