Halliburton’s PIDX XML transactions

Halliburton is using the PIDX-XML standards to link its ERP back office systems with clients.

Halliburton Energy Services has completed its first electronic transactions using the API’s e-commerce transaction standard—PIDX-XML. The transactions involved two major oil companies and included purchase orders, signed field tickets and invoices for projects in the Gulf of Mexico and in California. These initial deployments herald the wider adoption of what will become standard e-business commercial workflow transactions directly integrating Halliburton’s back-office ERP systems with its customers.


Halliburton’s Peter Bernard said, “By using these new standards, Halliburton is leveraging new technology to automate the ordering, invoicing and payment processes, resulting in improved accuracy, efficiency and contract compliance.”

Commerce Central

System-to-system integration of commercial documents lets clients view and download proposals, field tickets, job status reports and invoices from a new ‘Commerce Central’ community on the www.myHalliburton.com Portal.

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