Inline explorer app from Geofields

New software from pipleline specialists GeoFields manages inspection and repair data.

GeoFields Inc. has announced a new pipeline inspection and repair application, Inline Explorer. The software supports monitoring of pipeline defects and managing repair efforts. Inline Explorer stores an operator’s entire inventory of pipeline inspection surveys, regardless of the survey vendor or tool type. The application tracks defects and work histories through a central database.


GeoFields president Brad Schaaf said, “Inline Explorer follows the release of the Inspection Data Integration service earlier this year and puts comprehensive defect analysis and management directly into the hands of those who are most familiar with the pipeline’s condition, whether they are in the office or in the field.”

Dig sheets

Pipeline operators frequently own many surveys and systems for producing dig sheets and for managing work orders. Inline Explorer groups these related functions into a single portable tool, avoiding the need for multiple applications and repeat inspection surveys.

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