DMS gas management for Texas regulator

Petris Winds is to host gas management software for the Texas General Land Office.

The Texas General Land Office (TGLO, a State regulatory body) has selected Data Management Solutions’ (DMS) GasPro5 software to manage the State’s Take-In-Kind (TIK) program. The DMS solution will be hosted on the PetrisWINDS system. GasPro5 is an integrated system for buying or selling natural gas along with dispatching, scheduling, tracking and accounting functions.


DMS President Frank Pena said, “DMS made the decision to partner with Petris as a way to reach both state agencies and independents. GasPro5 is state-of-the-art gas management software that is now affordable to smaller companies, as well as governmental agencies.”


Petris CEO Jim Pritchett added, “Hosting offers the TGLO high quality, affordable software over the Internet, allowing for reduced internal support requirements, matching the program’s growing needs with its budget and adding value to the state’s energy resources.”

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