Landmark upgrades Houston center

Landmark has added a state-of-the-art projection upgrade from SEOS to its Houston RTAM center.

Landmark has upgraded its Houston Real Time Asset Management center with a ScorpionRT projection/display management system from UK-based Specialised Electro Optical Services Ltd. (SEOS). The SEOS Scorpion multi-media presentation and control system delivers a seamless, scaleable desktop to multiple screen displays.


Scorpion integrates diverse media sources such as VCR, DVD, camera, computer, workstations and laptops to provide a ‘coherent working and presentation environment’. The new technology offers simultaneous access multiple computer platforms while using video conferencing to collaborate with remote sites - all on the same immersive screen. Scorpion can output up to 24 1600 x1200 resolution overlapped images. The Scorpion system is also deployed in Magic Earth’s Houston ‘POD’.

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