Data registry and National Archive for UK

New websites and repositories are set to enhance data access for the UK.

The UK Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has just announced a new ‘Data Registry’ of data from UK offshore hydrocarbons licenses. The Data Registry will initially list the DTI’s core and 2D seismic data but the catalog will expand to include other repositories and data types.

Data Archive

The DTI and British Geological Survey (BGS) have also established the UK National Hydrocarbon Data Archive to preserve geo-science data collected from the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS) for posterity and to make it available ‘at low cost for public use’.


Opening the new facilities at Offshore Europe 2003, Energy Minister Stephen Timms said, “The Data Registry and the new National Hydrocarbon Data Archive will help stimulate UKCS exploration. Coupled with the Fallow Field Initiative and recent tax incentives today’s new data sources are further evidence of the benefits to be reaped from collaboration between government and industry.”


The Data Registry is integrated into the UK ‘DEAL’ web site and accessed via the Data Map and Data Registry search forms. The Registry publishes a ‘comprehensive catalogue’ of released well and seismic survey data for the UKCS, and points users to where this data may be obtained.


EnCana UK MD Alan Booth added “The Data Registry and National Archive are important steps in maximizing the UKCS’ remaining exploration and reserve potential. This also demonstrates the collaborative spirit of all stakeholders in the UK oil and gas industry.”


The DEAL Data Registry is managed by CDA Limited, a subsidiary of the UK Offshore Operators’ Association (UKOOA) and is operated by the BGS. By the end of 2004, the DEAL Data Registry will offer a comprehensive catalogue of well, seismic and other important data, linking users to more than ten million items of geo-science data.


The National Hydrocarbon Data Archive (NHDA) has been set up to house ‘selected geoscience’ data, relieving companies of current obligations to keep the data ‘forever’. Early adopters BP, Chevron-Texaco, ConocoPhillips, Shell and Total are in the process of transferring data to the new archive.


Another online resource was made available to the public recently—a portal listing UK-based oil and gas research organizations. provides online access to the UK’s ‘Oil & Gas Research Capability Database’. The new database was jointly developed by the Industry Technology Facilitator and the DTI. The database includes details of research expertise and facilities (such as flow loops, core analysis rigs or materials testing equipment) that are available to the industry whether as part of a research project or on a consultancy basis.

With BGS, LOGIC, PILOT, ITF, DEAL and so on there will soon be more Quangos promoting oil and gas activity than operators in the UK!

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