Philippines’ Virtual Data Room

The Philippine government has contracted Petrodata to showcase data from its first bidding round.

As part of its first ever competitive bidding round, the Philippine Department of Energy (DOE) is using web technology to make a data package available to industry. The data covers prospective acreage in offshore West Palawan and the Sulu Sea.

Bridge Group

Norwegian consultants The Bridge Group supervised the work of making all data available and the establishment of geological models for the area. All data will be made available over the web from a Virtual Data Room (VDR)—saving interested companies the cost of a trip to Manila.


Hosted from Petrodata’s computing centre in Stavanger, the VDR will house hundreds of scanned reports, documents and maps along with 2D seismics, selected lines from a 3D cube and some 90 wells. An area of more than 230,000 sq. km. has been loaded into OpenWorks. A DOE spokesperson said, “Petrodata offers us a broad range of services and a cost-effective volume-based service agreement. This assures the flexibility, high quality and availability of our license round data.”


Petrodata MD Trond Hanesand added, “DOE’s decision to use our VDR is exciting—and will bring the business benefits and added value that DOE is expecting”.

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