Roxar extends Sensornet fiber solution

Roxar and Sensornet are to combine gauge and fiber technologies for downhole monitoring.

Roxar has signed a collaboration agreement with Sensornet to provide integrated fiber optic and electronic gauge monitoring solutions. The technology promises improved information flow for the enhanced asset performance of the digital oilfield of the future (DOFF). Sensornet’s technology monitors strain and temperature at all points along the deployed fiber.


Roxar Production Management Managing Director Rune Kvernberg explained, “This agreement gives Roxar access to industry leading fiber optic expertise. We will be able to offer existing and future customers a permanent monitoring solution for Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) .”


Sensornet MD Mahmoud Farhadiroushan added “Sensornet will integrate its novel distributed optical sensing technology with Roxar’s electronic gauge systems providing a range of innovative well and reservoir monitoring solutions”.

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