IFP technology to power Aspen solution

IFP’s multi-phase modeling tool will be embedded in Apen’s HySys Engineering Suite

Aspen Technology, Inc. and the French Petroleum Institute (IFP) have agreed to offer the IFP’s Tacite hydrodynamic module embedded within HySys – Aspen’s Engineering Suite (AES). AES helps engineers design and operate oil and gas facilities. The addition of Tacite, a multi-phase flow model for pipeline design will permit optimization of complete production systems – ‘from flowlines to facility’.


IFP VP Christian Pauchon said, “Tacite has been validated using real world data from the oil and gas industry. Its integration with HySys allow users to investigate the behavior of existing multi-phase pipelines or to study alternative design methodologies for new systems.” Aspen’s Manolis Kotzabasakis added, “This deal will enable our upstream customers to improve the performance of their production assets. Accurate hydrodynamic calculations are crucial to pipeline designs and ratings, ensuring optimal operations and improved safety.”


Tacite models complex multi-phase flows in pipeline systems and incorporates local steady-state prediction methods for pressure gradients, liquid hold-up, phase velocities and flow regimes. Steady-state modeling capabilities using TACITE-HDM will be made available first in the HYSYS TACITE Option planned for release in the third quarter of 2003, while dynamic capabilities will be incorporated in AES at a later date.

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