Open Spirit V2.5—100 times faster!

Open Spirit Corp. announces a new release and reports 45 oil companies as corporate users.

Open Spirit Release 2.5 has been rolled-out and the company claims significant performance enhancements in well data access. The new release also includes two Subsurface Data Modules for accessing seismic data in SEGY (2D and 3D) and Earth Decision Sciences Voxet format.


OpenSpirit CTO Clay Harter said, “We have seen more than a 100 fold improvement in accessing large numbers of well objects. The new release also provides new libraries for COM and .NET in addition to Java and C++.”


Bart Stafford, VP of Sales and Marketing, added, “45 oil and gas companies now use OpenSpirit as one of their primary data and application integration tools. With the performance enhancement available in this release, as well as our focus on extending data coverage into the drilling and production domains, we are delivering what the market demands for integrated and cross discipline workflows. Our approach to integration leverages our customers’ investment in applications and datastores.”

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