Intel—Schlumberger center for Houston

Intel and Schlumberger have set up another competency center to showcase reservoir technology.

Reservoir engineers can now ‘test drive’ the latest versions of Schlumberger’s Eclipse’ reservoir simulator at the new Intel Energy Competency Center (IECC) located in the Schlumberger Information Solutions (SIS) headquarters in Houston.


Intel energy supremo Dick Bland said, “Intel and Schlumberger are committed to accelerating the availability of best-in-class IT solutions to energy customers worldwide. We offer an affordable, high-performance computing solution to the energy industry.”


The IECC provides an environment where energy industry professionals can evaluate the performance and cost benefits of various reservoir simulation scenarios using Schlumberger software, including Eclipse Parallel reservoir simulation software prior to purchase.


SIS president Ihab Toma added, “Validating solutions that have been optimized for Intel-based architectures in this ‘try-before-you-buy’ lets customers determine the system configuration that best meets their specific needs. With Intel we are driving performance by expanding the applications available on 32-bit and 64-bit computing architectures.”


SIS customers can run simulations on Xeon and Itanium 2 workstations and clusters from Hewlett Packard. The Center runs a combination of Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems. A Schlumberger-Intel research establishment was set up last year next in Abingdon, UK (Oil ITJ Vol. 7 N° 10).

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