Midland Valley rolls out 4D Vista

Midland Valley’s generic visualization tool is its first 64-bit ‘new technology’ offering.

Midlan Valley Exploration (MVE) has just rolled out a new product – 4D Vista for generic visualization of geological objects. MVE has been rebuilding the software infrastructure underpinning its structural interpretation and modeling tools to benefit from emergent 64-bit hardware (see Oil ITJ Vol. 8 N° 3). The first ‘new technology’ product is described as a new engine and a new window for viewing—4DVista.


MVE hopes to attract new customers by providing 4D Vista free to all. The tool will read a variety of file formats apart from MVE’s other software tools. DXF, Golden Software’s grid and raw triangle formats open automatically and ASCII files can be opened with a wizard. Once a document has been loaded, additional data can be inserted into it.

3D Document

Data is visualized in multiple 3-D Document View windows. Several views of the same document can be opened synchronously alongside views of other documents. Each view has its own display options. A 3-button or wheel mouse is required to get the full potential of 3D visualization. MVE is looking for partners who would like to attach their own applications to broaden the scope of 4DVista. In the future, 4DVista will be extended to provide an ‘all encompassing’ operating environment for MVE’s suite of kinematic geological modeling. Download 4D Vista from mve.com.

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