OpenWells operations reporting

Landmark’s DIMS replacement links operation reporting to the Engineering Data Model.

Landmark Graphics Corp. has just released OpenWells, the replacement for its Drilling Information Management System (DIMS). OpenWells sits on top of the Landmark Engineering Data Model (EDM), providing operations drilling and well services reporting. Landmark president Andy Lane said, “OpenWells is a user-configurable operations data management tool that integrates directly with well engineering and earth model visualization applications. OpenWells has been engineered to support today’s rapidly expanding real-time drilling environments from shallow, onshore fields to deepwater frontier areas.”


OpenWells is integrated with Landmark drilling and well services applications such as Compass, WellPlan and StressCheck. Visualization leverages other Landmark software including AssetView and 3D DrillView. OpenWells is ‘highly configurable’ and can manage entitlements for data visualization by partners or ‘tight groups’. OpenWells uses Crystal Reports to configure and generate printable or XML-based reports.

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