AQPC content management

Megan Salch takes issue with Oil IT Journal’s review of the AQPC’s content management guide.

“I recently received your review of APQC’s booklet Content Management - A Guide for Your Journey to Knowledge Management Best Practices and was surprised by the negative review. This booklet was written based on a comprehensive research project. It was designed to be a quick read to introduce customers to the concept of content management, to explain the place of knowledge management in organizations, and to focus on some facets of IT implementations which are frequently overlooked. With application choices changing daily, this booklet focuses on the much-neglected aspects of a content management system: people and processes. So, like other contributions to our Passport series, this booklet serves as an introduction to jumpstart readers. It’s not intended to be the comprehensive, ‘how-to’ book that your review sought.”

Megan F. Salch

APQC, Marketing Department

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