Flow simulation add-on for Irap RMS

Roxar’s RMS FlowSim crosses the boundary between geology and reservoir simulation.

Roxar Software Solutions is about to release a new module in its Irap RMS reservoir modeling portfolio. RMS FlowSim is a collaborative tool for geologists and reservoir engineers that crosses the silo boundaries of modeling and simulation. RMS FlowSim integrates with Irap RMS to provide fluid flow simulations embedded into the static reservoir model. This integration reduces the need for data import and export and allows users to benefit from visualization, data analysis and other modeling support tools in the Irap RMS environment.


RMS FlowSim claims a user-friendly graphical user interface that ‘minimizes the learning curve and increases efficiency’. RMS FlowSim, along with the other Irap modules now constitutes a focus for the exchange of ideas between members of the asset team.

Finite difference

RMS FlowSim is a state-of-the-art finite difference simulator based on proven technology. It is a fully-implicit black oil simulator with extensive reporting, multiwell handling, group controls and economic limits. Pre and post-processing options include production profiles, P10/P90 comparisons etc. Geological concepts can be tested and ranked and prospects and development scenarios evaluated prior to full-field simulation. Roxar claims that by testing the dynamic properties earlier in the modeling process leads to the efficient generation of a high quality simulation model.

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