Stratify to explore Petrobras’ information

Petrobras is using Stratify’s intelligent text search toolkit to manage its unstructured information.

Petrobras has chosen the Stratify Discovery System (SDS) to manage its unstructured corporate data. SDS claims to offer a unified solution for delivery of relevant, high-value information directly to business users, as well as enabling content providers to enhance the quality of their information products.


Petrobras enterprise information manager Paulo Cesar Coletti said, “Petrobras selected Stratify to provide the core discovery capabilities in our corporate portal. Integrating seamlessly with our portal, content management and search systems, Stratify provides us with a robust platform to organize our unstructured data and enables us to manage our information more effectively throughout the company.”

SDS 3.0

Stratify’s latest release, SDS 3.0 combines transparent search, integrated categorization and entity recognition (such as people, locations and organizations) with taxonomy management capabilities. SDS users can now leverage analytical capabilities to build customized reports summarizing business critical information embedded in unstructured data, as well as easy-to-use visual discovery tools for analysis and data mining.


SDS lets business users categorize documents, recognize critical entities such as people, locations and organizations, and ‘intuitively discover’ new relationships from unstructured information in text documents, presentations and e-mails.


SDS’ Taxonomy Manager provides an interface for managing all phases of the taxonomy lifecycle. The Taxonomy Manager’s new security architecture ‘integrates seamlessly’ with enterprise identity management environments (i.e. LDAP and Active Directory) to provide granular control over taxonomies and topics. These enhancements make managing large-scale, complex taxonomies faster and more efficient.

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