EPAM e-market for Tyumen Oil Company

EPAM used Novell’s ‘exteNd’ EAI suite to develop TNK’s e-marketplace.

The Tyumen Oil Company (TNK) e-marketplace announced last year (see Oil IT Journal Vol. 7 N°6) went live this month. The TNK e-marketplace supports all stages of the sales business process: from signing a framework contract to reporting. The e-marketplace integrates with other TNK applications and offers ‘a high level of security’.


The e-marketplace has been developed by EPAM Systems, based in Princeton, NJ with technology development centers in Moscow, Russia and Minsk, Belarus. EPAM was selected following an open tender from more than 50 leading Russian and international companies.


EPAM CEO Arkadiy Dobkin said, “The development of the e-marketplace is important for several reasons. It is an effective business instrument for a modern company. It is an advanced technological solution. Finally, it confirms that the Russian business climate has closely approached the international level.”


TNK’s e-marketplace was developed with Novell’s exteNd enterprise application platform which includes a portal, an application server, an integration server and development tools. Novell exteNd leverages XML and Internet standards to provide ‘non-intrusive’ integration with existing systems. An intuitive visual-design environment accelerates application development and delivery cycles.

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