Landmark to resell Flare’s KID

Flare’s E&P ‘knowledge-information-data’ catalog will be embedded in TeamWorkspace.

Landmark is to resell Flare’s E&P Catalog and integrate it into its E&P data management and decision support solutions. The catalog was originally developed for Shell Expro—and is now the subject of an ongoing standardization effort through POSC. The E&P Catalog is a web-based application that provides a management overview of business information, decisions and processes, enhancing information visibility and audit-ability.


Landmark president Andy Lane said, “We expect Flare’s E&P Catalog to become a key component of our data and application management offering. The Catalog will provide one-stop access to all our clients’ E&P information assets, regardless of owner, media, location or technology.”


Flare consultant Paul Cleverley added, “This agreement provides Flare with access to a global market and support infrastructure. The business level focus avoids the complex low-level connectivity issues that characterize many software integration developments in the E&P industry. The catalog brings together views of databases, documents and archives with information on people, processes, services and applications.”


The E&P Catalog will interoperate with Landmark applications including Team WorkSpace and PowerExplorer. The Catalog will also provide a framework for Landmark’s other data management products, including WOW, the Corporate Data Archiver and PowerJournal.


The E&P Catalog is based on emerging standards from POSC. Coverage encompasses the full E&P lifecycle including exploration, development, production and operations, as well as HSE management and compliance.

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