Rakhit sells Canadian fluids database

IHS Energy has acquired Rakhit’s GeoFluids database and software.

IHS Energy’s Canadian unit has acquired the GeoFluids database and analysis software from Rakhit Petroleum Consulting. GeoFluids is claimed to be the most comprehensive and oil, gas and water chemistry dataset in Canada. GeoFluids data can be used to identify bypassed pay, create leads, generate play ideas and understand hydrocarbon potential.


IHS will offer the GeoFluids database online to customers through its AccuMap E&P mapping software later this year. IHS’ Ganesh Murdeshwar said, “There is strong synergy between GeoFluids and AccuMap. The incorporation of fluid analysis into our customers’ workflows will enhance their decision-making.”


Rakhit president Kaush Rakhit added, “I have always been a strong believer in the value of using gas, oil and water chemistry data for strategic decision making by explorationists, petrophysicists and engineers. This deal will allow the thousands of AccuMap users to access GeoFluids data even more easily.”


Recent enhancements to GeoFluids means that proprietary data can be incorporated with a new GeoFluids PAS loader. This now enables comparative analysis of proprietary geofluids data with IHS’ public dataset. The GeoFluids atlases provide explorationists with a regional perspective on fluid-chemistry distributions, fluid migration and basin dynamics.

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