EnCana signs with OFS Portal

IHS Energy has acquired Rakhit’s GeoFluids database and software.

EnCana Corporation has signed an agreement with service sector e-business grouping OFS Portal that will govern many key aspects EnCana’s eCommerce. In a separate agreement, OFS Portal and Digital Oilfield are to facilitate the exchange of electronic content and transactional information between OFS Portal members and EnCana with the Digital Oilfield platform. By automating the transactions of electronic invoices and field tickets EnCana and OFS Portal members plan to reduce paper documents and costs of invoice settlement.


EnCana CIO Hayward Walls said, “This agreement strengthens our relationship with key upstream suppliers and realizes a key e-business strategy of integrating our back-office with suppliers through Digital Oilfield. We plan to begin transacting electronic invoices and field tickets with OFS Portal members through Digital Oilfield’s OpenInvoice immediately. Overall we see this as a win-win opportunity and anticipate that eBusiness will increase our speed and effectiveness while reducing transaction costs.”

Le Sage

OFS Portal CEO Bill Le Sage added, “We view this relationship as an important step in leveraging the global e-procurement initiatives of OFS Portal members and EnCana. This mutually beneficial agreement provides an opportunity for improved productivity and further cost savings in the sourcing, ordering and fulfillment of products and services between EnCana and our members.”

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