Concept 4D tools for BP’s Valhall field

Concept Systems is developing acquisition and QC software for permanent seismic monitoring.

BP Norge has contracted Concept Systems to develop positioning, QC and data management software for its pioneering 4D seismic reservoir management infrastructure on the Norwegian Valhall field. BP will be installing a network of permanent buried seismic recording cable around the Valhall field and will shoot a number of surveys in the years to come. The project sets out to acquire seismic on-demand and reduce the turnaround time significantly.


BP’s Arnfinn Baerheim explained, “This is an important project which will not only help to deliver improved recovery from Valhall but will be a step towards proving the value of this innovative technology for use in other BP assets. We chose Concept for its proven abilities to work closely with our team to deliver and deploy technology quickly into the field.” Alastair Hay, Concept Systems MD said, “We are delighted to be associated with technology innovation which can help prolong the life of the Valhall field. This is also a reward for our investment in R&D over the past four years in anticipation of the demands of 4D seismic.”


Concept is to work with BP to address the problem of repeatability – key to 4D seismic acquisition. The solution will be based on Concept’s ‘Gator’ data command and control suite used in ocean bottom cable seismic survey applications, along with QC and analysis tools such Reflex attribute analysis solution and Sprint data processing suite. Valhall is operated by BP Norge on behalf of partners Amerada Hess, Shell and Total. If successful, the emerging technology is expected to have worldwide applications as more oil companies implement permanent 4D seismic infrastructures over producing assets.

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