Enertia’s new e-biz functionality

Enertia has enhanced currency handling and reporting and announced a PocketPC field data logger.

Enertia Software is to release several enhancements to its Upstream e-business specialists at its annual user conference to be held in Las Vegas next month. Enertia has added AFE calculation worksheets for detailed budgeting including equipment calculations, day rates and turnkey costs. Enertia also will be rolling out new system enhancements and functionality which address currency gain and loss, re-evaluation, translation and consolidated financial reporting. The new currency enhancements have been implemented throughout the transaction system and enable processing for multiple currencies in the same ledger, gain calculation and on-demand re-evaluation.

Reporting ‘for the masses’

New ‘reporting for the masses’ functionality will also be unveiled for end-user query building and reporting. These new tools leverage the active data-dictionary and provide logical and physical data structure information for every table in the fully integrated database. New Pocket PC-based software will also be announced for field data capture integrating volume measurement, calculation and field information directly to the Enertia database.

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