EDIN GIS roll-out

IHS Energy’s new map-based front end is set to eliminate CD-ROM delivery.

IHS Energy has just officially launched the EDIN-GIS online map interface to its international data and reporting service. EDIN-GIS provides a map-based window on IHS’ hosted data—removing the need to update local datasets or manage CD-based data distribution.


Users can access well, production and infrastructure data on a map and review editorial information for the area. Editorial content is provided from IHS Energy’s Global E&P Reporting Service (GEPS). GEPS is updated daily by a global team of geologists, geophysicists, contract analysts and cartographers.


Product manager Michael Wynne said, “Explorationists can study existing wells, fields and contracts, and retrieve news without having numerous applications open on the desktop. This is a significant advance in workflow—shortening the data-retrieval cycle.” EDID-GIS was developed with ESRI’s ArcGIS and the Internet Map Server ArcIMS.

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