Dell cluster for Saudi Aramco

Saudi Aramco’s Dell-powered seismic cluster now sports 1,820 processors.

Saudi Aramco has released more information on its Dhahran-based seismic processing supercomputer. Dell was awarded the contract to build and implement the second cluster phase at Aramco’s Exped Computing Center. Phase two comprises 910 Dell PowerEdge servers, adding 1,820 Intel Pentium III processors to Saudi Aramco’s compute engine.


Dell implemented cluster management software from Scali AS to centralize system administration. Aramco Systems Analyst Mohammad Huwaidi said, “We installed a 32-node cluster last year and saw the cost benefits immediately. Now we have worked with Dell to add a further 910 nodes. Using standards-based systems from suppliers such as Dell enables us to build a fast yet economical Prestack Time Migration (PSTM) system. Our ability to rapidly and inexpensively add computing power to our cluster is one of the major benefits of the Intel platform.”


Dell EMEA VP Walid Moneimne added, “Saudi Aramco’s installation demonstrates that global customers are using standards-based technologies to fulfill their most challenging computing requirements. The performance and price benefits over expensive proprietary systems have made supercomputing increasingly accessible to the mainstream market. Dell systems can deliver the same results as a proprietary system for one-tenth of the cost.”

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