DPTS signs-off PetroCanada remastering

DPTS has remastered 35,000 legacy tapes to high density media.

Ovation Data Services’ DPTS unit has just completed a 35,000 tape transcription project for PetroCanada. The project involved remastering PetroCanada’s European seismic and well log library to high-capacity media. Over 20 years of archive data on a variety of legacy media were processed with metadata stored in a new bespoke database.


Veronica Kher, Head of Information Management at Petro-Canada, commented, “We now have a pristine quality copy of our legacy data on modern high-capacity media which will preserve our valuable data assets and significantly reduce our ongoing storage costs”.


Input media included 7, 9 and 21-track tapes, 3480, 3490E, DLT, 4mm and 8mm cartridges and optical disks. Serious stiction problems were encountered but DPTS’ data recovery procedures were successfully employed, resulting in complete data recovery.

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