eSearch for SIS

A new deal between Schlumberger and storage specialists Hays will offer holistic management of digital data and inventory.

Schlumberger Information Solutions (SIS) has signed an agreement with Hays IMS to embed Hays’ eSearch inventory management system within SIS’s InfoStream information lifecycle solution. The agreement will allow for searches across Schlumberger’s AssetDB and Hays OpenRSO. eSearch offers a web interface, advanced search and automated order capabilities, and integrates existing file and warehouse archives corporation-wide for both physical records and electronic documents. SIS VP Olivier Peyret said “The new solution combines strong integrated services from both companies to deliver the industry’s first desktop-to-warehouse information management solution.”


Hays IMS MD Francois Bejui added, “We have combined our physical data services with SIS’s digital information management to create a integrating records management integrated with the information management workflow.” Hays’ eSearch will be offered exclusively by SIS to the upstream oil and gas market. e-Search evolved from Hays widely-used OpenRSO inventory management system.

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