ELynx SCADA for Houston Exploration

eLynx’s wireless SCADA connects South Texas wells to internet.

The Houston Exploration Company (HEC) has outsourced monitoring of its South Texas wells to eLynx Technologies. eLynx will replace HEC’s chart recorders with its MeterLynx SCADA system at some 500 locations. HEC operations manager Joanne Hresko said, “eLynx provides the critical operational data we need to maximize production and minimize downtime”.


eLynx uses a wireless network to send real-time data to the Internet. Producers can view data from any location. The system monitors line pressures, tubing and casing pressures, temperature readings, electronic flow meters, tank levels and compressor status. An alarm callout system notifies personnel via pager, cell phone or e-mail when a well is underperforming or a compressor is down.

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