IKON rolls-out FaultX plug-in

Ikon Science has released FaultX—the ‘world’s first’ automated fault interpretation system.

Ikon has officially launched its FaultX helper application for Landmark’s SeisWorks and Schlumberger’s IESX seismic interpretation environments. As revealed in Oil IT Journal earlier this year, FaultX extracts fault planes and segments from seismic volumes for integration into models and reservoir simulations. FaultX - the ‘world’s first’ automated fault interpretation system - takes 3D reflectivity or coherence cubes and boosts signal to noise with dip-steered filters – creating ‘discontinuity volumes’ which highlight fault surfaces.

Ribbon fit

A ‘ribbon fitting’ algorithm is applied to time-sliced data – with filtering by azimuth, length and depth. The FaultX fault detector generated fault planes from the detected ribbons. The interpreter can fine-tune azimuth, dip and offset sensitivities. Once detected, fault planes can be enlarged and simplified. Planes can be joined allowing curvilinear faults to be represented as a single plane. FaultX was trialed on BP’s Magnus field.

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