SIS’ Living model for Revus Energy

SIS has sold its Petrel-based Living Model concept to Norwegian startup Revus Energy.

Norwegian oil co Revus Energy AS has awarded Schlumberger Information Solutions (SIS) a contract to implement its Living Model workflow. The five-year deal is said to be a a European first.


Revus general manager, Tim Sullivan said, “We chose the solution that combines our technical skills with the software and support of SIS to deliver an optimal workflow. SIS will also provide remote data management and backup services.” SIS’ Living Model concept provides a seismic-to-simulation combining the Petrel suite of PC-based software, Eclipse FrontSim and interactive petrophysical software.


SIS president Ihab Toma added, “The Living Model offers the ability to quickly integrate new data, update the model and to perform risk and uncertainty evaluation. Revus will leverage the Living Model in its strategy of optimizing existing Norwegian Shelf production.” Revus was established in Stavanger last year.

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