Edinburgh’s new ReO Forecast

New software from EPS allows for holistic evaluation of gas field development options.

Edinburgh Petroleum Systems (EPS) has just announced a new product ‘ReO Forecast’ to predict oilfield production from an integrated model of sub-surface, wells and surface facilities. ReO Forecast can be used throughout all phases of field development, from screening studies, where field lifecycle production profiles are generated, to short range forecasts for planning purposes. ReO Forecast profiles are optimized at each time step, making maximum use of all available resources. The product also extends the level of detail in surface facilities that can be included in forecasts and offers gas-contract management capabilities.


ReO Forecast was used successfully to develop gas fields in offshore Southeast Sumatra—enabling ‘a more detailed evaluation of investment and development options than was previously possible’. ReO Forecast allowed the entire production system to be optimized over the projected life of the gas contract. A variety of options for process infrastructure, well drilling and compression scheduling were investigated. A paper on the Sumatra project was presented at last year’s SPE. More from e-petroleumservices.com.

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