Unocal e-business ‘first’

Unocal, Schlumberger Oilfield Systems and DigitalOilfield report successful use of the new API/PIDX invoice standard for direct ERP to ERP invoicing.

Unocal has just claimed an e-commerce ‘first’: an e-business transaction using the new API PIDX XML electronic invoice standard. Unocal received and processed an invoice from Schlumberger through Digital Oilfield’s OpenInvoice hosted application. The transaction process is said to comply with API’s Recommended Practice 3901. Schlumberger Oilfield Services created the invoice using PIDX format directly from its’ ERP system.


The invoice and corresponding service delivery ticket were then transmitted utilizing the RosettaNet Implementation Framework (RNIF) transport, and routing protocol directly into Digital Oilfield’s system. Unocal then used OpenInvoice’s functionality to route, code and approve the invoice. The invoice was then automatically uploaded to Unocal’s financial system for payment.


Mike Comeau, e-Procurement manager with Unocal said, “We have now demonstrated that the PIDX RNIF standard works in a production environment. Unocal’s strategy is to drive down costs through the use of technology that helps us change our processes. This first PIDX XML invoice is a significant step forward for our industry and reduces transaction costs on both sides of the equation.”

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