OCS Connect e-government transformation

The US MMS has re-engaged Booz-Allen-Hamilton to deploy its online reporting system.

The US Minerals Management Service (MMS) is starting out on a five-year transformation designed to streamline business operations. The MMS OCS Connect project will reform the way the agency operates. The MMS intends to offer customers in industry, the public and other government agencies a better service by moving MMS services on-line.


MMS Director Johnnie Burton said, “OCS Connect will maximize customer involvement by delivering essential information and allowing input via the Internet. It will streamline delivery by automating major business transactions, resulting in more timely decisions, and will simplify and unify government by minimizing redundant reporting. By using common oil and gas industry standards and proven solutions, we will leverage existing market-based practices.”


Booz-Allen-Hamilton (BAH) has been engaged as prime contractor and will assist the MMS in reengineering its core business processes, while developing a robust, secure enterprise architecture to replace the ‘antiquated legacy systems currently in place’. The OCS Connect program sets out to reduce time and cost-intensive processes and procedures ‘that are inherent in traditional paper-based organizations’.

Déjà vu?

The MMS originally engaged BAH back in April 2001 (Oil ITJ Vol. 6 N° 4) to ‘transform its Offshore Minerals Management Program into a web-enabled environment for offshore leasing and regulatory reporting’.

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