IBM announces GRID ‘ecosystem’

IBM is extending its Grid Computing infrastructure to embrace Storage Area Networks. Shell uses IBM’s Grid to distribute its seismic processing effort.

Royal Dutch Shell has signed with IBM as its latest customer for Grid computing services. IBM worked with Shell to build a reusable software toolkit ‘wrapper’ around legacy applications to create a Grid-enabled infrastructure for seismic processing. The solution, based on IBM xSeries running the Globus Toolkit and Linux, cut processing times ‘while improving the quality of the data’. Shell research physicist Jacob Buur said, “Grid computing is important to Shell because it offers the potential to create a truly unlimited resource, with a uniform interface to a variety of services. This will allow Shell’s independent companies to engage in closer cooperation.”


IBM also announced that 35 companies, including Cisco Systems, are to form the foundation of a Grid ‘ecosystem’ designed to foster Grid computing for businesses. IBM and Cisco are working to enable enhanced Grid services for Storage Area Networks (SAN). Cisco’s intelligent multilayer storage networking architecture helps lay the foundation for building globally scalable access to Grid data. The integration of intelligent services into the network helps simplify data access across the Grid and resource sharing and management.

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