Exprodat Common Application Environment

Exprodat’s new Common Application Environment promises to simplify installation, maintenance and use of UNIX-based applications and to reduce single vendor dominance.

New software from Exprodat promises to solve many issues associated with the use and deployment of products from multiple software vendors. Typically, such tools have different environmental requirements and time is wasted installing, configuring and upgrading multiple vendor application suites.


Exprodat’s Common Application Environment (CAE) CAE provides an extensible framework for multi-vendor application installation and configuration, a configurable application launcher and data management. A multi-system, multi-OS application execution harness means that any UNIX application can be run from any system using any data.


CAE’s generic application launching framework isolates vendor off-the-shelf products with a customizable, middle tier ‘wrapper’ so that individual vendor applications can be upgraded independently. The product utilizes a cross-platform language (Tcl/Tk - ‘tickle’) which gives portability across Solaris, Linux and Irix. Source code is provided with the product license. This ‘open source’ approach is claimed to mitigate fears of vendor lock-in.


Exprodat CTO Bruce Rodney believes that CAE will simplify user workflows with transparent access to data and applications and reduce application support costs. The CAE, originally developed for Marathon Oil, avoids ‘home-grown’ proprietary solutions and limits single vendor dominance and lock-in. More from brodney@exprodat.com.

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