Accenture deploys Wellogix for Marathon

Accenture and Wellogix are implementing an e-field ticket system across Marathon Oil Company’s North American operations.

Following trials of Wellogix Navigator last year (see Oil ITJ Vol. 7 N°s -6-7), Marathon now plans to extend the deployment of Wellogix’ e-FieldTicket (eFT) software across its North American operations. A three year contract has been awarded to Accenture and Wellogix for the migration of Marathon’s manual systems to the web.


Accenture will integrate the eFT solution with Marathon’s back-office system, enabling Marathon to electronically reconcile field tickets with the corresponding contracts. Accenture is also developing communications, training and deployment plans and will help Marathon develop a supplier-enrollment strategy.


Marathon’s eProcurement business manager Mike Rawles said, “From our pilot it was evident that eFT could eliminate errors in billing and improve the efficiency of verifying invoices. Ultimately, eFT may even remove the need for an invoice. We have found the technology easy to use, and suppliers involved in the process found it effective for them as well, especially since it can shorten the purchase-to-pay time frame.”


Wellogix CEO Ike Epley added, “Marathon understands the value of the eFT solution for both operating and capital expenditures, and this expanded, enterprise-wide implementation, will provide savings in many areas of Marathon’s purchasing.”

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